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Today in the digital world where “Content Is The King”, CMS is the center of talks of every enterprise.

Stories are there to be told, customers want to read users cases and one platform named as “CMS” or “Content Management System” has taken a special case in CIOs, CMOs talks.

There is n number of CMS which are open source like WordPress, Drupal and has been used widely. These CMS are getting used by lots of users and issues users face in day to day life are:

Slow Solutions:

The open source solutions especially Drupal, Joomla are too generic that they have so much of code which is there but not used by everyone.

They make solution very slow, the amount of RAM and processing required to build response become high.

Systems architecture does not allow developers to change many things in systems and changes are limited to installing modules which can cache the queries or pages so speed up the thing. Leading to make high RAM usage.

High Infra Cost:

To make system faster infrastructure capacity need to be increased. More RAM, more machines, better machines and CDN, and other technologies came into place to manage the solutions in a workable state.

The cost of CDN, high-end machines, added into the infra cost to support system in workable condition.

Soon the cost you saved by using open source actually evaporated in few months because of huge infrastructure cost.
High Maintenance Cost


Devops effort required to maintain such platforms is generally huge hence it becomes more costly to manage such systems.

DevOps team needs to understand an Open Source architectures and issues which are coming from time to time cache clean up etc make them tougher to maintain.

The user of Older Technologies:

NoSQL is the new buzzword which can enhance performance these tools up to a great extent but these tools have not shifted themselves on newer technologies making them out of date.

Newer technologies can solve lots of problems but all open source CMS (majorly ones) are unable to leverage the benefit and stick to the MySQL.

It makes them slow, and real time analytic becomes all most tougher due to same.

High Cost of Learning:

For non-tech savvy content writers, these solutions are tough to learn. Unintuitive UIs, increase the time taken to understand them and use them effectively.

All content creators need to work on Photoshop or other image management tools to trim down images, corp images making and image management becomes a costly affair.

Analytic Support?

The current CMS which are in the market don’t have analytic support in DNA. For real time analytic users need to buy tools which can help in understanding their users. The importance of CMS is much is higher than actual CMS, because it can give insights what is viral in the market, what author, stories, and categories are trending.

Mobility Support:

Last but not least, we have also developed mobile apps for Android and iOS to provided end to end solutions. We can provide you custom UI on mobile and the web as our designing and implementation service.

If you are fed up with such problems, feel free to connect us at chakresh@micrasystems.com

We have developed a Niche CMS, which is based on MongoDB and Cake. We are selling it as managed service on cloud with AMC,

We have developed an Analytic server based on Python for content discovery as well.

The ease of use, performance and managed service on the cloud are USP.

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