Micra in Taxation
Once India adopted the digital way of taxation with GST, Micra makes that we should be helping enterprises in all segments to make their ERPs fully integrated with compliance software.
We partner with other GSPs and work with them to roll out the technology at the pace. The understanding of taxation and dynamic nature of government’s taxation reforms make the development process challenging but with right leadership and direction anything can be achieved and that’s what we have proved.

How Micra Systems Helps

We help a GSP to get solution developed, market and then lots of enterprises to make sure their GST returns process becomes smooth. MIS reporting, user management, multiple businesses in a single login, roles and permissions are features we have developed.

1. Our offerings in space have implementation and consultation to enterprises for GST, development of cloud based compliance solution for one of our customers, integrate ERPs (SAP, Oracle) with the compliance solution so that automation can be done.

2. We are also providing managed infrastructures services to all ASPs and GSPs so that their solutions work according to the enterprise's expectation.

3. We understand the technology, tax framework, and complexity associated with it as well as infra requirements of systems especially against traffic, performance, and security of data and solution we are managing.