Micra’s retail experience has been with some great brands of garments makes us more knowledge about the solutions which retail industry requires.
We have enabled a great brand of Garments to sell their products on line. Our solutions enable them to connect with customers, across geography through the digital medium.

How Micra Systems Helps

Our developed solution enables retailers to process orders by POS Solutions we have developed, our CRM tools help to attract more customers by discounts, offers and referral codes.

1. CRM tool helps store managers to cross sell, up sales customers by understanding them based on past order history. The more retailers understand their customers the more it will be easy for them to sell. CRM solutions once get integrated with POS and ERPs will give a good amount of insights about customers in the store.

2. Today in competitive markets no one affords to lose customers, in retails lots of times it happens. Managers many times have no options except to lose customers because they requested item is not in the store or may be sold off.

3. Micra has envisioned a solution for same by requesting the same item in other stores of same brand and request can be booked on behalf of customers which can be full filled by other stores. Delivery may be by person or customers can pick up from the choice of stores.

4. This small solution can help retailers to not lose customers because one particular item is short on the particular store.

5. Moreover, we have also seen the problem in retail space is there is 360 approach towards business. Sometimes CRM solutions are not integrated across multiple channels where goods are sold, sometimes inventory is not integrated, sometimes ERPs are not integrated.

The world is connected today but a brand has multiple sales channels which are disconnected, just be connected them with a business process a brand can get a much better picture and can improve better customer service leading to more business.