Manufacturing/ Trade - MICRA SYSTEMS


Micra's incredible success stories in Manufacturing Industries reflects the great knowledge and expertise in this space.
Our developed Supply Chain Solutions are used by some big customers, which span across a Digital Product company to a hard core cement company.

How Micra Systems Helps

Our solution not only includes core supply chain management systems but also act as Inventory Systems, News CMS, Lead Management System.
This makes our solution to be an integral part of their system and we connect them with their ERP.

1. We have also provided digitization of Partner Enrolment System solution for few of our customers. It helps them to manage their partners, keeping their all information at one place and review them at single place.

2. Partner portals help companies to manage their business in better way.eKYC integration helps them to enroll and making automation of basic information of partners. This helps in reducing errors by manual entries.

3. Business Intelligence BI Solutions helps our customers to identify the right mix of inventory in raw as well as finished products form. Using Big Data technology we can study all historical trends and by analysis, solutions can guide how much raw inventory or finished goods product customers should keep.

4. Seasonal trends, spikes on festivals can easily find out and business can plan much ahead of such spikes.

Tax Automation

GST and other indirect/direct taxes can be automated, results can be filled, data can be reached to government servers through APIs.

This makes system error free, then manual mistakes which may occur. We can integrate ERP systems with Tax Automation systems of choice, it makes our customers filling taxes returns extremely easy and error less.