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Micra in Hospitality
Having worked for some Multi National Company which have the global presence and few start-ups we are proud to say that we understand Hospitality much better than any other company.
We have to build CRM solutions, POS Solutions, Build reporting engines for restaurants while working for a Cloud based POS Solution.

How Micra Systems Helps

Our solution has been praised and used by customers globally and it offers facilities like:-

1. MIS reporting, Inventory Management, Attendance Management, POS, Taxation Management and others.

2. We have been working with a luxurious hotel chain since long and are providing solutions for them as follows:- (I). Business Intelligence. (II). Marketing Management and Automation

3. The solution has been used by all hotels and restaurants in hotels globally. In this we are helping our prestigious customers to utilize their resources, planning their marketing campaigns effectively.

4. We are also working with few other luxurious hotels groups for mobile applications, taxation management and helping them to increase efficiency in their organizations and getting more business.

5. We envision that in future Hotels and Restaurants may decide rates based on their customer's feedback (value they are provided) and demand and supply.

6. Technology will decide the rates of hotels using Big Data Analysis. Hotels generate revenues from various services and in lull period if hotels are able to draw more attentions from customers they will be successful. In peak period rates are high and it's easy to market but in lull period if data can help them in marketing effectively it can solve a great problem. Big and Global hotels chains are using such solutions but smaller chains have their limitations.

7. What if these solutions are available at cheaper rates? The more hotels joins the bandwagon the more data will be accurate and the more analysis is successful.