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In the current era where digital marketing is the key CMS play a key role in developing digital platforms.

The more complex the systems are becoming the more they are becoming tougher to use by non-tech savvy content publishers.
The mobile adds more complexity on images, content to be created and managed for smaller sizes.

We at Micra Systems are working with lots of CMS and found that all open source CMSs are there but using them is becoming more tedious task day by day.

Digital marketers are wasting lots of human effort and energy to save some cost of using open source platforms.

Micra Systems has developed a digital platform “M publish” which is next generation CMS. It solves all problems which legacy available options had not thought of.

Few features of M publish are following:

Better Images Management: “M publish” supports trimming of images, cropping of images without Photoshop or any other software. Images are cropped at pre defined sizes according to designs making image handling a seamless experience for content writers.

Work flow management: Some times you may want to have democratic types of organization and at others, you may want hierarchy from writers, editors, and publishers. Just be clicking On/Off you can choose how you want the hierarchy of the organization.

Drag and Drop features for great UI/UX: Who want to deal with content by selecting and placing. A great WISWIG editor with drag and drop support work like a charm for selecting related stories, images etc. A dream come true for content creators.

Mobile friendly: When seventy percent (70%) of traffic comes from mobile no one can ignore mobility. “M publish” supports REST Apis to build mobile applications with ease.Image cropping features, etc help content to be customized for mobile.

Great Content Discovery: Content discovery is the key, once a customer has reached to the site or app, the content should be shown to his choice. To solve this problem we have developed AI based analytic tool which can help the user to suggest content according to his choice by users profiling and even matching one user’s choice with others.

Scalable and high performance: With the use of upcoming newer technologies “M publish” have performance and scalability in DNA. It can bear tsunami of traffic with no harm to the system.
Low Cost: We are providing “Pay As You Go” and the cost will be proportionate to traffic so small enterprises have to pay the minimum. We assure our customers for complete value of money.
No infra tension: The benefit of cloud based solutions is, as users you need not worry about infrastructure. All infra required are to be taken care by our experienced team. You just need to write and market your content and have peaceful operations.
Marketing Support: Meta tags, user-friendly URLs, and all other standard features are there to support marketing activities

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