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Why open source CMS are not worth of their cost

Today in the digital world where “Content Is The King”, CMS is the center of talks of every enterprise. Stories are there to be told, customers want to read users cases and one platform named as “CMS” or “Content Management System” has taken a special case in CIOs, CMOs talks. There are n numbers of CMS which are open source like WordPress, Drupal and has been used widely. These CMS are getting used by lots of users and issues users face in day to day life are: Slow Solutions : The open source solutions especially Drupal, Joomla are too generic that they have so much of code which is there but not used by everyone. They make solution very slow, the amount of RAM and processing required to build response become high. Systems architecture does not allow developers to change many things in systems and changes are limited to installing modules which can cache the queries or pages so speed up the thing. Leading to make high RAM usage.   High Infra Cost : To make system faster infrastructure capacity need to be increased. More RAM, more machines, better machines and CDN, and other technologies came into place to manage […]

CMS for online media

In the current era where digital marketing is the key CMS play a key role in developing digital platforms. The more complex the systems are becoming the more they are becoming tougher to use by non-tech savvy content publishers. The mobile adds more complexity on images, content to be created and managed for smaller sizes. We at Micra Systems are working with lots of CMS and found that all open source CMSs are there but using them is becoming more tedious task day by day. Digital marketers are wasting lots of human effort and energy to save some cost of using open source platforms. Micra Systems has developed a digital platform “M publish” which is next generation CMS. It solves all problems which legacy available options had not thought of. Few features of M publish are following: Better Images Management: “M publish” supports trimming of images, cropping of images without Photoshop or any other software. Images are cropped at pre defined sizes according to designs making image handling a seamless experience for content writers. Work flow management: Some times you may want to have democratic types of organization and at others, you may want hierarchy from writers, editors, and publishers. […]