Retailer Unified Software : The future

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Retail is an amazing segment, so many types of outlets, all have different segments, a different type of customer and different types of strategies to get sales.It's also one of the oldest forms of business as well. All this make this space colorful and amazingly complex for any solution providers. That's why all technology companies in the world are attracted towards it. The segment it touches is Point of Sale, a machine, a system which helps retailers to connect with out going successful sales. This is the place which enables retailers to get paid, to earn values from customers in terms of satisfaction as well as monetarily. Hence POS is the first and foremost requirements of any business.   To read about: CMS for online...

Why open source CMS are not worth of their cost

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Today in the digital world where "Content Is The King", CMS is the center of talks of every enterprise. Stories are there to be told, customers want to read users cases and one platform named as "CMS" or "Content Management System" has taken a special case in CIOs, CMOs talks. There are n numbers of CMS which are open source like WordPress, Drupal and has been used widely. These CMS are getting used by lots of users and issues users face in day to day life are:   To read about: CMS for online media  

Slow Solutions :

  • The open source solutions especially Drupal, Joomla are too generic that they have so much of code which is there but not used by everyone.
  • They make solution very slow, the amount of RAM and...

CMS for online media

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In the current era where digital marketing is the key CMS play a key role in developing digital platforms. The more complex the systems are becoming the more they are becoming tougher to use by non-tech savvy content publishers. The mobile adds more complexity on images, content to be created and managed for smaller sizes. We at Micra Systems are working with lots of CMS and found that all open source CMSs are there but using them is becoming more tedious task day by day. Digital marketers are wasting lots of human effort and energy to save some cost of using open source platforms. Micra Systems has developed a digital platform "M publish" which is next generation CMS. It solves all problems which legacy available options had not thought of.   To read about: READ MORE

Omni Channel Retail

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The retail industry has taken a leap forward. From mom and pop stores to eCommerce, retail has seen much improvements in technological domain. Nowadays almost every retailer whether big or small is using e-Commerce as one of the channels for sales. E-Commerce retail shops have different inventory, different CRM, different customers as compared to offline sales. This makes business management a complex task. Solution to this problem is "Omni Channel Retail". Omni Channel Retails are the solutions where all inventories, CRM are coming from a single system.This connected system has POS, eCommerce, e-commerce and other channels connected from the same system.   To read about: READ MORE