Free Design Service Week

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The application design is very important step while building your application. It brings clarity to your idea, clarifies your thoughts and helps you to understand the user journey. The design is the first step to visualize the idea in reality.

The benefit of Design:

  1.  Idea clarity

    Sometimes, we don’t have clarity on an idea. But, when we go for the design, it brings the required clarity to an idea. We start thinking about the user journey and steps involved in doing a job.
  2. User Journey

    User journey is the very important part. The design brings complete clarity to it. What will the user do at the time of doing the installation and also while performing any function or activity? It has complete impact on UX of the application
  3. UX and UI clarity

    We all understand that the UX and UI set the...

Black Friday 2017 is Tomorrow

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Black Friday 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year yet again. There are joy and happiness in the air and everyone is gearing up for the holidays. It is the biggest shopping event of the year with the amazing deals along with the chaotic scenes in the market. It is known to be one of the busiest days of the year. Retail giants are working relentlessly to offer Omni channel experience to its customers, online as well as on-ground. The months of November and December are major shopping months for any industry, and every brand grabs on to this opportunity with both hands. We at Micrasystems aim to provide services that are of the highest quality and highly beneficial for our customers. Be it Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing Services or Server and Managed Service; we commit and we deliver the best. We want to build...

Apple iOS 11 released, now available on most devices

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Now, after the recently launched iPhone8 and iPhone X, the Apple iOS 11 is all set to break all the barriers. It has come out of the beta after being under the four-month testing procedures. It is said to be the world’s most advanced mobile OS. Not only this, it is also being called a monumental leap for iPad. So, what are the reasons due to which this all-new iOS has become a fancy topic of the conversation everywhere? There is only one reason and that is its advanced and eccentric features. You wanna know, what are these features? Let’s dive into the ocean of Powerful & Remarkable Apple iOS 11.   (more…)

Retailer Unified Software : The future

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Retail is an amazing segment, so many types of outlets, all have different segments, a different type of customer and different types of strategies to get sales.It's also one of the oldest forms of business as well. All this make this space colorful and amazingly complex for any solution providers. That's why all technology companies in the world are attracted towards it. The segment it touches is Point of Sale, a machine, a system which helps retailers to connect with out going successful sales. This is the place which enables retailers to get paid, to earn values from customers in terms of satisfaction as well as monetarily. Hence POS is the first and foremost requirements of any business.   To read about: CMS for online...