Common attack vector types

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An attack vector is a means by which malicious actors can gain access to a system or network to perform malicious activities. Understanding attack vectors and finding ways to secure them is important to defend against cyber attacks. Before we delve into the details, let’s understand the difference between the attack vector and attack surface. While an attack vector refers to a way through which malicious actors can gain access to a system or network, the attack surface refers to the sum of all potential attack vectors that malicious actors can use to compromise a system or network. Common attack vector types The common attack vector types that attackers exploit include the following. Vulnerabilities that are unintended flaws in software programs can be leveraged by attackers to perform malicious activities. Misconfiguration of databases and servers can...

Micra Systems Monthly Update For The Month Of June, 2018

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We are Pleasure to make your acquaintance. We want to make you convey how we are growing every month. We will be discussing what all the things we have acquired in the month of June.  

Launched CRM as our Product

We have launched Micra’s CRM which is available for free demo. We have used our most powerful tool to build this i.e Micra Artificial Engine, Yes you heard it right, we have build it with the AI-based powerful tool. It acts as a leads storage and then follow-ups the lead and send reminders for the meeting/discussion. It also works on the membership program, loyalty program, referrals, etc. Let’s schedule a call for the free demo.   READ MORE

React Native: A Brief

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With the rapid growth of smartphones and technology in the market, modern day businesses have seen a good amount of change in the recent times. And whether you are a promising online business or someone who is looking to start one, having a mobile app is something you should be considered before anything else. You might wonder what does React Native has to do with all of this. Well, we will answer this question but first, let's discover more about React Native.  

React Native: An Introduction

  React Native is a framework that was introduced by Facebook in the year 2015 for data-driven web interfaces. It provides a component driven architecture that is easily accessible and uses a declarative syntax. This framework was developed just because Facebook wanted to develop consistent technologies and goals that allow the developers to build an...

The Significance of AI in Mobile Application Development

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A few years ago, AI was considered as an innovation, a huge trend, that could change the face of the technology industry or could fade away into the thin air, but it has stayed like it has been here since forever. It has now become an integral part of almost any modern device. Mobile devices too are not exempted from this amazing technology anymore Mobile is the basic device and hence any nuisance entering the industry is relevant to the mobile apps in one or the other way. Let get straight to the point, from AR to VR, from chatbots to predictive analysis, AI is part of everything. Business and organizations these days are hunting for new ways to integrate AI into various things and enhance their customer experiences. After all, happy customers are the secret to a successful business. Well, it’s not just AI; machine learning has also tagged along and made some...