AI Based Voicebot - MICRA SYSTEMS


Conversational bot technology transforms business. Automate how you sell, market & support to accelerate growth accross the customer life cyle.

Bots for Sales and Marketing

------> 4x greater lead engagement

50% of customers most common questions resolved


Bots for Support


  • Acquire - Capture more qualified leads on your website
  • Nurture - Convert cold leads into warm ones with personalized drip campaigns
  • Expand - Upsell, cross sell and drive adaptation with multi touch campaigns
  • Activate - Engage new customers with targeted messages to drive usage
  • Sell - Connect hot leads with a rep right away to accelerate sales
  • Support - Resolve Customer questions faster for more satisfied customers
  • Educate - Deliver help content proactively to set up customers for long term success


  • 24x7 availability
  • Multiple channel presence
  • Handle multiple customer at same time
  • Save significant cost by requiring less manpower to serve customers
  • Increase revenue by taking payment, booking, service request, product sales etc..
  • Increase customer satisfaction and revenue
  • Reduce data entry cost and errors
  • Always accurate and right information is given to customer i.e. no information asymmetry
  • No information overload i.e. to the point information and on-demand
  • Reminder to customer at right time through notifications


  • AI and NLP enabled
  • Voice enabled – Alexa and Google Ok support
  • Integration with social platform like Facebook and Twitter
  • Also integrate with other platform like Slack, Skype and related others
  • API based integration with other softwares to give or take data
  • Integration with payment systems to take payments
  • Notification and reminder to customer and employees by integration with the core systems or software