Company name has been in the industry of Information Technology for +3 years with the sole purpose to help businesses utilize technology to its full potential. Micra Systems has partnered with various design and development companies as their exclusive technology partner in India, US & Australia. Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with startups & large-scale companies alike. Building this company from the ground up, today, at Micra Systems, we are a group of +50 experts, who strongly believe in the power of technology.
Our Belief - All technological initiatives require dedication, commitment & vision. With our experience, we have learned that building software comes with its own set of challenges. However, the real work is moving past these challenges and building software that not only solve technological problems, but helps the client move forward.

Our Expriences

If you are an Enterprise and looking for world class web, mobile software for your customers, internal staff or a good marketing solution we are the perfect partner for you. We proud ourselves not for just as a service provider but for actual business benefits we are creating. That's why our business consultancy, technology consultancy along with solutions, what we are providing will create a positive and deep impact on your work.

We make sure that solutions we are providing will make you more efficient, automate lots of your stuff and over all increase organizational effectiveness.

If you are a Startup and looking for SAAS, Chat, E-Commerce based platforms we are the perfect choice for you. After having experience of building multiple products of starts ups which are now have become global we can take your technology up to next level.

Our deep understanding of technology, having a team who have decades of experience we can help you in getting solution developed with perfection.

Our Core Values

Longevity in business is what we are looking at, either its business, HR practices or others. Once our customer experiences our services, we make sure he will be our customer forever.

Same can be seen in our HR practices, we have good retention rates and our happy team always works with a smile. Core values are honesty, transparency and we work on "Debate, Decide and Communicate" to deliver the best solution to our customers.

Our Mission

The mission is to be known as a great company with long term relations with all stakeholders like customers, employees, and investors.

Our Vision

To be known as IT Services leader who has deep expertise in technology.

Passion to Perform

We want to be the best in the business.

Our passion and determination to deliver are evident in every aspect of our work. We thrive on digging deep and extending our personal limits in order to out-perform on expectations.

And our clients and shareholders do have high expectations of us. We make it our job to excel.

Team Spirit

There are a number of players on team Micra.

Each of us is hungry to win. And when we harness this amazing diversity of talents, work together, and bring out the best in each other, we're unstoppable.

When we play as one to win, everyone wins. Including our clients.

Our Quality

Micra Systems specializes in building complex, business-critical software and IT projects for leading companies across multiple industries. Micra Systems is recognized among its clients for its technical expertise, agile deployment, and commitment to customer service. Micra's services offerings include: solution strategy consulting, system architecture and user design, development of custom applications like collaboration portals, executive dashboards and mobile applications, analytics, legacy modernization, infrastructure maintenance and support.